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Li, L., Liu, Y., & Li, Y. J.* (2019). Frozen by stress: Stress increases scope insensitivity. PloS one14(10), e0223489.

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Working papers:

Li, Y., Bruyneel, S., & Warlop, L.* (2nd R&R at Journal of Business Research). All you need is love: Priming attachment security decreases the need for material possessions.

Li, Y., Bruyneel, S. & Warlop, L.* (2nd R&R at Journal of Business Research). Exposure to Baby Cues Induces Out-of-domain Impatience.

Gong, H. & Li, Y.*. Shield by Religion: the impacts of religious priming on moral hypocrisy.

Li, Y.*, Shiv, B., Warlop, L. & Bruyneel, S. My heart is itchy: The impact of itch on out-of-domain reward seeking behaviors

Liu, Y. & Li, Y.* Stuck in the past: Stress increases sunk cost bias

Li, Y.*, Bruyneel, S. & Warlop, L. Growing with love: Priming attachment security enhances exploratory consumer behaviors.

Li, Y., Janiszewski, C. & Liu, Y.* Promotional bundling

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