• Journal Papers

Xiling Cui, Baofeng Huo, Yang Lei*, and Qiang Zhou, “The influence of team social media usage on individual knowledge sharing and job performance from a cross-level perspective”, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, forthcoming.


Yang Lei, Yiying Zhang, and Waiman Cheung (2018), “Cultivating Service Diversification: A Cross-level Study”, The 18th International Conference on Electronic Business, Guilin, Dec 2018.


Yang Lei, Xiling Cui, and Jianing Zhang (2018), “The role of social media usage on team interaction, trust, team cohesiveness and team creativity in higher education”, The 24th Cross Strait Conference of Information Management Development and Strategy, Hong Kong, Aug 2018.


Yang Lei (2018), “A Longitudinal Event-Study Approach to Investigate Business Value of Information Technology”, at HIT 2018 Author Development Workshop, Jul 2018.

Yang Lei, and Lai, Vincent Siu-king (2014), "Performance as a Signal to information Asymmetry Problem in Online Peer-to-peer Lending", PACIS 2014 Proceedings, 389, Chengdu, China, Jun 2014.


Selected working papers:

Yang Lei, and Waiman Cheung, “Information technology and firm performance: A longitudinal event study approach incorporating resource-based view with capability building and dynamic capabilities theories”


Xiling Cui, Yang Lei, Baofeng Huo, Paul Benjamin LOWRY, and Xuan Yang, “Linking non-hedonic social media use to depression: An extended conservation of resources theory”


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