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Reliability verification method for additive manufacturing products

 Design method of metal damping structure based on additive manufacturing

 Spherical element-based porous reinforced damping structure

 Design method of subsurface fine mesh structure for solving stress concentration of components

 Design method of deformable structure based on spherical unit

 A controllable design method for component failure based on spherical pores

 Design method of product sound absorption and noise reduction based on spherical unit

 Design method based on super element and spherical geometric structure

 A subsurface structure design method capable of adjusting parts deformation

 Thermal insulation design method based on ball unit

 A modeling method of porous structure based on matlab

 Design method of subsurface porous network structure based on spherical unit

 Gas turbine rotor

 Design method and engine of hollow blade filled with spherical mesh structure

 Amphibious Relay Turbine Engine

 Aviation-to-combustion distributed power generation device

 Radial air intake swirl type thin tube premixed fuel nozzle

 A new remanufacturing method for fan blades of aeroengine based on additive design

 Remanufacturing method of new type aero-engine fuel nozzle based on additive design

 Fuel nozzle

 Air bearing with enhanced heat conduction

 Bearing and manufacturing method thereof

 Active seal type air static pressure bearing

 Integral roulette with cooling and manufacturing method thereof

 A Bird Strike Design Method for Fan Blades

 Tensile specimen manufactured by metal additive

 Evaluation method of metal additive tensile properties based on selective laser melting technology

 Special-shaped bolt positive design and manufacturing system and method

 Carbon fiber flexible coupling

 Gas nozzle for flat aero-reformed gas turbine

 Method for determining potential fusing position and design method of complete machine

 An oil cleaning system

 Turbine wheel and turbine engine

 UAV control method, device, equipment and storage medium

 Cooling structure of aero engine combustion chamber and aero engine combustion chamber

 Engine and integrated design and manufacturing method of combustion component and combustion component

 Additive manufacturing miniature turbojet engine

 Hollow rotating shaft of engine and turbojet engine

 Roulette and compressor with the roulette

 Engine rotor bracket

 Rotor structure and engine

 Method for generating printing path of metal additive manufacturing

 Rotor structure and micro turbojet engine

 A product structure design method based on ball unit

 Method and device for generating and designing porous material based on Unity3D

 A new type of one-way clutch

 Evaluation method of local mechanical properties of metal additive manufacturing shaped parts

 Engine and its casing

 Engine rotor bracket and engine

 3D printing equipment

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