• Journal Papers

Journal Papers

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  3. Niu Geng, Zheng Yi*, Han Feng, Qin Huapeng (2019). The nexus of water, ecosystems and agriculture in arid areas: A multiobjective optimization study on system efficiencies, Agricultural Water Management, 223: 105697.
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  6. Yong Tian, Jianzhi Xiong, Xin He, Xuehui Pi, Shijie Jiang, Feng Han, Yi Zheng*, Joint Operation of Surface Water and Groundwater Reservoirs to Address Water Conflicts in Arid Regions: An Integrated Modeling Study, Water, 2018, 2018(10): 1~18
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Books or Monographs:
Zheng Yi, Feng Han, Yong Tian, Bin Wu, Zhongrong Lin (2014). Addressing the uncertainty in modeling watershed nonpoint source pollution. In Jorgensen SE, Chang N and Xu F (Eds), Advances in ecological modelling and engineering - lakes and wetlands (Chapter 5, p113-p159). Elsevier, ISBN: 978-0-444-63249-4.

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