• Journal Papers

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(2) Yaguo Wang#, Liang Guo#, Xianfan Xu, Jonathan Pierce, Rama Venkatasubramanian, Origin of coherent phonons in Bi2Te3 excited by ultrafast laser pulses, Physical Review B 88 (6), 064307-1-6 (2013) (equal contribution, SCI)
(3) Liang Guo, Xianfan Xu, James R. Salvador, Gregory P. Meisner, Coupled vibrational modes in multiple-filled skutterudites and the effects on lattice thermal conductivity reduction, Applied Physics Letters 102 (11), 111905-1-3 (2013) (SCI, EI)
(4) Liang Guo, Xianfan Xu, James R. Salvador, Gregory P. Meisner, Resonant oscillations in multiple-filled skutterudites, Journal of electronic materials 42 (7), 1978-1981 (2013) (SCI, EI)
(5) Liang Guo, Xianfan Xu, Ultrafast spectroscopy of electron-phonon coupling in gold, Journal of Heat Transfer 136 (12), 122401-1-6 (2014) (SCI, EI)
(6) Liang Guo, Xianfan Xu, James R. Salvador, Ultrafast carriers dynamics in filled-skutterudites, Applied Physics Letters 106 (23), 231902-1-4 (2015) (SCI, EI)
(7) Jianli Wang, Liang Guo, Chenhan Liu, Xianfan Xu, Yunfei Chen, Influence of coherent optical phonon on ultrafast energy relaxation, Applied Physics Letters 107 (6), 063107-1-5 (2015) (SCI, EI)
(8) Ping Wei, Jiong Yang, Liang Guo, Shanyu Wang, Lihua Wu, Xianfan Xu, Wenyu Zhao, Qingjie Zhang, Wenqing Zhang, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Jihui Yang, Minimum Thermal Conductivity in Weak Topological Insulators with Bismuth‐Based Stack Structure, Advanced Functional Materials 26, 5360-5367 (2016) (SCI, EI)
(9) Jianli Wang, Liang Guo, C Ling, Yamei Song, Xianfan Xu, Zhonghua Ni, Yunfei Chen, Carrier dynamics in femtosecond-laser-excited bismuth telluride, Physical Review B 93 (15), 155306-1-6 (2016) (SCI)
(10) Liang Guo, Daniele M. Monahan, Graham R. Fleming, Rapid and economical data acquisition in ultrafast frequency-resolved spectroscopy using choppers and a microcontroller, Optics Express 24 (16), 18126-18132 (2016) (SCI, EI)

(11) Daniele M. Monahan, Liang Guo, Jia Lin, Letian Dou, Peidong Yang, Graham R. Fleming, Room-Temperature Coherent Optical Phonon in 2D Electronic Spectra of CH3NH3PbI3Perovskite as a Possible Cooling Bottleneck, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (14), 3211-3215 (2017) (SCI)

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