Academic Projects:

1. National Key Laboratory of Global Change and Response, Ministry of Science and Technology, 2018YFA0605802, Research on the biological genesis and environmental effects of marine inert organic carbon, 2011.05-2023.04, 2.48 million, under research,the second project leader.
2. Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation-Key Project, 2018B030311016, Molecular mechanism and ecological significance of marine archaea II degradation of organic matter, 2018.05.01-2021.04.30, 500,000, under research, hosted.
3. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41673073, Study on the mechanism of the change of bacteria and archaeal ether compounds in the sediments of the East China Sea, 2017/01-2020/12, 720,000, under research, hosted.
4. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41530105, Interactions and sedimentary records of marine autotrophic archaea (MGI) and heterotrophic archaea (MGII) during the South China Sea carbon cycle, 2016/01-2020/12, 3.52 million, under research, hosted.
5. Ministry of Science and Technology Global Change and Response Key Project, 2016YFA0601101, Ocean Carbon Storage Mechanism and Regional Carbon and Nitrogen Sulfur Cycle Coupling Response to Global Change, 2016/07-2021/06, 830,000, under research, participation.
6. National Natural Science Foundation project major research and development plan, 91428308, South China Sea carbon cycle and biological carbon storage mechanism integration research, 2015/01-2018/12, 400,000, under research, participation.
7. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41373072, Identification of Microbial Sources and Geochemical Processes of Branched Tetraether Membrane Compounds (bGDGT) in Tengchong and Tibetan Hot Springs, 2014.1-2017.12, 700,000, completed, hosted.
8. Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Scientific Research Project, 13JC1405200, the contribution of ammonia-oxidizing archaea to the soil carbon budget and its role in the soil carbon cycle, 2014.1-2017.12, 460,000, completed, hosted.
9. 973 basic project: research on carbon storage process and mechanism of marine micro-bio-carbon pump, third topic: change law of MCP carbon storage effect on environmental gradient, 2013CB955703, 2013.1-2017.7, 3.05 million, completed, third subject people.
10. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 91082005, Distribution and biogeochemical function of the archaeal bacteria in the South China Sea, 2011/01-2014/12, 3.5 million, completed, hosted.
11. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 40972211, Research on lipid markers of hot spring archaea in Tengchong and surrounding areas: environmental factors, biogeography and microbial functional significance, 2010/01-2012/12, 560,000, completed, hosted.


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