Research grants

  1. A model study of the sources, depositions, and radiative forcings of atmospheric organic nitrogen aerosols in East Asia

National Natural Science Foundation of China General Research Grant (基金委面上项目) (No. 4197050186), 2020-2023, 0.62M RMB, PI

  1. Multi-scalecoupled air quality forecast model system

National Key Research Development Program (科技部国家重点研发计划) (No. 2017YFC0209802), 2017-2020, 1M (out of 5.57M) RMB, Co-I (课题学术骨干)

  1. High-resolution study of chemistry-climate interaction over China

National Basic Research Program of China (973项目课题) (No. 2014CB441303), 2014-2018, 4.86M (out of 13.5M) RMB, Co-PI (课题负责人)

  1. Impact of aerosol physics and chemistry on the haze over Taiwan Strait and surrounding areas

National Natural Science Foundation of China Collaborative Funding with Taiwan (基金委两岸合作项目) (No. 4141101076), 2015-2017, 2M RMB, PI

  1. Atmospheric organic gases and organic aerosols

National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Young Scientist Fellowship (基金委优青项目) (No. 412220093), 2013-2015, 1M RMB, PI

  1. Constraining Chinese volatile organic gas emissions using satellite observations of formaldehyde and glyoxal

National Natural Science Foundation of China General Research Grant (基金委面上项目) (No. 41175101), 2012-2015, 0.75M RMB, PI

  1. Numerical parameterization for the activation of organic aerosols

Chinese Ministry of Education Research Grant (教育部博士点基金) (No. 20110001110090), 2012-2014, 120K RMB, PI

  1. Primary emissions and secondary formation pathways of carbonaceous aerosol in the Pearl River Delta Region: a regional model synthesis

Hong Kong Research Grant Council General Research Fund, 2009-2010, 0.4M HKD, PI

  1. Development of cloud and aerosol parameterizations for climate models

“National Science Foundation (of Taiwan) Integrated Research Grant” (台湾 “国家科学委员会”整合型计划), 2011-2016, 26M TWD, Co-PI

  1. Reconstruction of the history of aerosol concentrations and database

Chinese Academy of Sciences Strategic Program (中科院先导专项碳专项) (No. XDA05100401), 2011-2015, 200K RMB, Co-I (课题学术骨干)

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