Postdoctoral recruitment:

I. recruitment requirements:

Due to the needs of work, the research group will recruit 2 postdoctoral students in geoscience, remote sensing, geodesy, GNSS or geophysics. The term of employment will be two years, which can be extended according to the degree of satisfaction.

Has obtained or is about to obtain a doctoral degree in geodesy, geophysics or related fields; Solid geodetic or geophysical foundation and computer programming ability; Good ability to read and write English scientific papers; Those who have published high-level research papers are preferred; After employment, I worked full-time in the southern university of science and technology.

Ii. Post-treatment:

1. The postdoctoral annual salary is about 335,000 yuan, including 150,000 yuan (pre-tax) subsidy from Guangdong province and 60,000 yuan (after-tax) subsidy from Shenzhen, and participating in social insurance and housing fund according to relevant regulations of Shenzhen. Postdoctoral welfare shall be paid according to the standard of faculty and staff in the posts of the university.

2, The special outstanding person can apply for the President of the outstanding postdoctoral, annual salary up to 415,000 yuan. (including subsidies from Guangdong province and Shenzhen city).

3. The research group provides an excellent working environment and opportunities for cooperation and exchange at home and abroad, and the postdoctoral students can enjoy a total of 25,000 yuan of academic exchange funds for two years.

4. The research group shall provide adequate scientific research support and assist the postdoctoral fellow to apply for the China postdoctoral science foundation, the national natural science foundation, and the scientific research projects at all levels in Guangdong province and Shenzhen.

5. The research group can assist eligible postdocs to apply for the "overseas young postdoctoral program of Guangdong province".In the world's top 200 universities (excluding, ranking above a year of The Times, USNEWS, QS world university rankings, and Shanghai Jiaotong University), Ph.D., postdoctoral units engaged in postdoctoral research station to be established in the southern province of Guangdong, and promised to stand more than 2 years of postdoctoral, after the application is successful provincial finance gives each postdoctoral researcher to fund 600000 yuan allowance; For postdocs who have obtained the project subsidy, signed the work agreement or labor contract with Guangdong provincial employers after going out of the station and promised to work in Guangdong for more than 3 years continuously, the provincial finance will give each of them a housing subsidy of 400,000 yuan.

6, postdoctoral station to choose to stay deeply engaged in scientific research work, and with this city enterprises and institutions signed more than 3 years of labor (employment) contracts, can apply for Shenzhen postdoctoral stay deep to deep research funding. The Shenzhen municipal government grants 100,000 yuan per person per year for three years.

7. For postdocs who meet the relevant policy requirements of the latest "rent and living subsidy for newly introduced talents in Shenzhen", after settling down in Shenzhen, they can assist to apply for one-off rent and living subsidy of 30,000 yuan in Shenzhen (tax exemption, independent online application).

8. According to the conditions that they meet, they can apply for "class C talent of Shenzhen peacock plan" or "reserve talent of Shenzhen city" after staying in or out of the station, and enjoy the bonus and allowance of 1.6 million yuan (tax exemption) for 5 years (subject to the latest declaration requirements of relevant talents of Shenzhen city).

9. For outstanding outbound postdocs, I will actively recommend and assist them to apply for the post of research assistant professor in the southern university of science and technology.

Iii. Application method:

Please send your resume (including educational background, research experience, papers published, names and contact information of three referees) and a research statement (in English, no more than one page) to with the subject line: postdoctoral candidate - name.


Doctoral recruitment:

Basic requirements:

1) master degree obtained or about to be obtained;

2) relevant professional background, including (but not limited to) remote sensing science and technology, surveying and mapping engineering, geodesy, satellite gravity, etc.


Master recruitment:

Basic requirements:

Excellent undergraduate with relevant professional background, including (but not limited to): remote sensing science and technology, surveying and mapping engineering, geodesy, satellite gravity, etc.

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