Southern University of Science and Technology

Fu YANG research group recruits postdocs

First, the job requirements

1 Ph.D. in biology or medicine; priority is given to applicants with microbiology, structural biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry backgrounds;

2 Published research papers by the first author in international mainstream journals, and is interested in research related to intestinal microecology;

3 Responsible, have the ability to independently carry out the project and the sense of teamwork, and can provide technical guidance to undergraduates and graduate students in the professional field;

4 Have good English communication and writing skills.

Note: The outbound standard is to publish high-level SCI academic papers by the first author.

 Second, the remuneration package

1. The annual salary is 330,000, including the annual subsidy of 180,000 yuan from the Guangdong and Shenzhen municipal governments; the subsidy for renting 2,800 yuan/month, and the purchase of five insurance and one gold. Applicants with excellent conditions can be selected for the Principal's Excellence Award Program, which can reach more than 400,000 annual salary.

2. The school provides 25,000 yuan of academic exchange support for each postdoc.

3. Can be applied as a responsible person to the post-doctoral science fund, the National Natural Science Foundation, and provincial and municipal levels.

4, after leaving the station to stay in the deep work for three years, in line with the Shenzhen reserve level talents can apply for 1.6 million incentive subsidies.

 Third, the materials to be provided

1. A detailed resume of the individual; a copy of the academic certificate and degree certificate;

2. At least 1 recommendation letter (before formal entry) and the contact details of the referee;

3. Scientific research projects, published papers, list of award-winning achievements, and copies of all scientific research projects, awards, and other supporting materials undertaken in the past five years.

Applicants should send the application materials to The validity of the notice will be retained until the full recruitment is completed. We will strictly keep the application materials submitted, and meet the requirements immediately.

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